Moon Jae-in: Russian Far East to become key logistical and power hub of Eurasia


President of South Korea Mr. Moon Jae-in has held a meeting with heads of Russian Far Eastern regions who became participants of the first Russian-Korean Forum of Interregional Cooperation. The president welcomed the Forum participants and noted that after many years of experience in cooperation between Russia and South Korea, the focus should be shifted to the cooperation of the municipalities.
“This June, Russian president Vladimir Putin and I had the chance to discuss the means of bilateral cooperation and we saw the potential of the Russian Far East to become the central point of peace and prosperity in North Asia. Russia and Korea have gained an immense experience of cooperation and now we ought to expand it. The 9-Bridge Strategy cannot be implemented only by the efforts of the central government, we need to take real measures of cooperation with the municipalities. These measures will help strengthen every region according to its specific features”, he told the participants.
Mr. Moon Jae-in has noted that today the Far East has an enormous potential for development. According to him, the implementation of approved cooperation strategies will turn the Russian Far East into the key logistical and power hub of Eurasia while North Gyeongsang Province may become the northeastern trade center.
Russian Minister for Development of the Far East Aleksandr Kozlov has read out the message to the participants from Russian President Vladimir Putin:
“Relations between municipalities have an important and ever-growing role in the development of the bilateral cooperation. Many districts of the Russian Federation, mainly Far Eastern ones, are keeping close contact with Korean cities and provinces and developing joint projects in the fields of trade and investment, healthcare and tourism, fisheries and agriculture. This partnership contributes greatly to the development of economy and infrastructure in the regions of both countries as well as mutual understanding and trust between our peoples.”
Mr. Putin assured that the forum would be very informative and practical and present a great opportunity for sharing experiences as well as launching new promising and mutually beneficial initiatives.
Seventeen Korean and nine Russian Far Eastern regions took part in the 1st Forum of Interregional Cooperation. The Russian delegation was led by Minister for the Development of the Far East Aleksandr Kozlov; some of the delegates were Deputy Minister for the Development of the Far East Aleksandr Krutikov, Head of Far East Investment, and Export Agency Leonid Petukhov and Russian Ambassador to South Korea Andrey Kulik. More than 100 representatives of Far Eastern local governments and businesses arrived at the event.
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