Resident of Free Port of Vladivostok launched an agricultural complex with foreign investment in Primorsky Krai


FPV resident Far Eastern Investment Company Qiaoxing has founded a new agricultural complex in Primorsky Krai and has already harvested the first batch of soy.
The project is estimated 96 million rubles. This includes purchasing the equipment, cultivating the land using modern technologies, and grain drying services. The project has been implemented with the participation of Chinese investors in accordance with the agreement with the Far East Development Corporation. Fifteen new jobs have been created.
“As of today, our company has finished harvesting soy, the yield being 1580 kilorgams per hectare. We conducted sowing and harvesting campaigns with purchased and rented equipment, we used tractors, combines and the newest grain-drying complex that is able to process 24,700 tons per year. We also have the possibility to provide grain-drying services for other agricultural companies”, Qiaoxing CEO Igor Kaminsky says.
Primorsky Krai is one of the top ten regions harvesting soy beans. Next year, the FPV resident is planning to expand the sowing land and start cultivating cereal and oil-bearing crops.
FEDC CEO Denis Tikhonov says: “Among the ASEZ and FPV residents there are companies with foreign investments. The total number of investment projects attracting foreign capital has reached 80 (more than 5% of all the ASEZ and FPV residents), and their claimed investment volume is 255.7 billion rubles (9% from the total claimed investment volume). Most interested investors come from China, Japan, South Korea. Such interest is a sign of the competitive ability of the Russian Far East to perform in the Asia-Pacific market and the efficiency of the implemented measures of  state support.”
In accordance with the agreements with JSC Far East Development Corporation, the FPV residents have invested 54.8 billion rubles in the economy of the region, thus having created more than 6500 new jobs.  The total number of FPV residents has currently reached 1031, and the total investment volume is 574 billion rubles. Implementation of all the projects is to create around 59,000 new jobs.
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