Resident of the Free Port Began Construction of a Large Residential Complex In Vladivostok


The company "Vostochny Luch" (Eastern Beam) under the agreement on investment activity with JSC “Corporation for the Development of the Far East” began construction of a new residential complex consisting of six 19-story and three 10-story apartment blocks.
In November this year, OOO “Vostochny Luch” started preparatory works on the land plot in the district “Snegovaya Pad’”. Let us remind you, that we speak about six nineteen-story and three ten-story buildings.

“The project is currently undergoing preparatory work: a fence is being installed, construction cabins have been delivered and already being exploited," said Alexei Fedorenko, deputy director general for the construction of OOO “Vostochny Luch”. - In the second quarter of 2019, we will start assembling three buildings of the residential complex "Vostochny Luch",  namely: a ten-story apartment block No 4 and two seventeen-story monolithic apartment blocks No 1 and No 2”. The commissioning of the building No 4 is planned for the fourth quarter of 2020. Monolithic buildings of the residential complex "Vostochny Luch"  No 1 and No 2 will be commissioned a year later.
“Expensive living accomodation is an acute problem for our city. A lot of people move from the rural areas to Vladivostok, and not everyone has the opportunity to buy an apartment. This applies in particular to young families. OOO "Vostochny Luch"  as a developer is focused on social housing. We offer standard class apartments at affordable prices. It is especially advantageous to buy an apartment at the initial stage of construction – it is much cheaper than buying it at the final stage. Many people are afraid to take part in shared construction, but now law protects real estate investors. Moreover, ООО “Vostochny Luch” has already successfully completed its first project: almost 600 families received the keys to apartments in the residential complex “Zeleny Ugol” (Green Corner), - comments Vladislav Daryinsky, director general of the company.
“The status of FPV resident helps us, as a developer, to implement the project at affordable prices due to the existing benefits for all taxes, which contributes to the openness and transparency of business. Now, we can also attract highly qualified personnel who can feel confidence in their future. One of the distinguishing advantages for us, as residents of the FPV, is a guarantee of long-term plans of development and construction up to 2026,” said Alexey Isakov, deputy director for development of OOO “Vostochny Luch” earlier.
Denis Tikhonov, director general of JSC “Corporation for the Development of the Far East”, has previously noted that the same tax and administrative benefits apply for residents of ASEZes and FPV: the total amount of insurance premiums for 10 years has been lowered to 7.6%, tax preferences for land, profit, and property, free customs zone, possibility to hire foreign labor without quotas, and versatile administrative support.
To date, residents of the free port of Vladivostok under the agreements with JSC "Development Corporation of the Far East" have already invested in the region's economy about 54 billion rubles, and created 6584 jobs. The number of residents of FPV has now reached 1046. The total value of projects implemented by investors amounted to 575.5 billion rubles, because of the full implementation of which 59.4 thousand jobs will be created.
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