1.056 billion rubles Total investments
74 Number of jobs
In March 2016, JGC Evergreen company from Japan launched supplies of high quality and pollution-free greenhouse cucumbers and tomatoes cultivated using the leading-edge technologies with strict adherence to the Japanese quality standards. By supplying fresh vegetables the whole year round in our latitudes, the New Day (Novy Den) brand quickly gained trust and love of the Khabarovsk Krai citizens.

The greenhouse complex occupies 2.5 ha in the territory of Avangard Industrial Park, one of the sites in Khabarovsk priority development area. JGC Evergreen became the first foreign investor and resident of the priority development area, and launched the first stage of the project already in February 2015.

Project success was due to the cooperation between JGC Corporation from Japan, which provided information and communication technologies, robotics and other cutting-edge solutions for the efficient operation of greenhouses and quality control, Dougin Dosanko No. 3 investment partnership, which financed the project, and Energoimpulse company, which became one of the project contractors and performed all works related to power equipment installation and connection of the greenhouse complex to the power grid.

Thanks to the well-coordinated team work, the greenhouse complex was built within a short time frame. Construction started on July 1, 2015, and the first seeds were planted before the New Year.

JGC Evergreen greenhouse complex is built based on original Dutch technologies, which proved their efficiency and gained trust all over the world.

The company plans to expand the territory of the greenhouse complex to 10 ha to fully satisfy the demand of the Khabarovsk population in fresh and quality vegetables. In the long term, the assortment will be expanded with sweet Japanese strawberry, with seedlings to be imported from Japan. Besides, the company considers the option of growing some open ground crops like potatoes, carrots and onions. This way, production will not stop even in summer months, when greenhouses are closed for disinfection.

General director Tomoyuki Igarashi:

“Construction of the second stage of the project will help us to double production volumes. Investments in the second stage of the project will amount to approximately 500 million rubles. We plan to build the second stage of the greenhouse by September 2017, and have the first harvest by December 2017. The main reason for joining the priority development area are tax benefits granted to residents. JGC Evergreen became eligible for reduced insurance contributions to the pension fund and the social insurance fund, profit and property taxes, which creates good opportunities for business development.”

Start-up: December 2015 / December 2017
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