1,3 billion rubles Total investments
53 Number of jobs
Sayuri, an investor of Kangalassy Industrial Park priority development area is implementing a project, which involves construction of a high-tech year-round greenhouse complex in the territory of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) with the total investment volume of 1,335 million rubles.

The project was developed by the District Administration of Yakutsk and JSB Almazergienbank supported by the Government of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) and an investor from Japan, Hokkaido Corporation.

The project was first presented among other republican projects in May 2015 during a visit of the Yakutia delegation to Japan. In March 2016, the parties signed the Memorandum of Understanding to implement the investment project in Yakutsk.

The greenhouse complex will become a unique, one-of-a-kind facility in the world built on permafrost soils for year-round production of fresh vegetables. Innovations incorporated in the complex – cutting-edge equipment, engineering and technological systems – will enable non-stop production of vegetables in protected soils with automated micro-climate control and mineral nutrition of crops with minimized manual labor.

The complex has been created to provide the citizens of Yakutsk with affordable high quality vegetables and greens throughout the whole year. The project is implemented in several stages, after completion of which the 3.3 ha greenhouse complex will be able to satisfy 40% of demand for vegetables and greens in the city and neighboring districts. At the first stage, in December 2016, the company launched a pilot greenhouse with an area of 1 thousand sq. m.

By 2020, the territory of greenhouses is planned to be extended to 3.2 ha. By 2021, the facility will reach its full production capacity of 2.2 thousand tons of agricultural products per year.

The federal and regional budgets allocate 2.1 billion rubles for the development of infrastructure for investors in Kangalassy Industrial Park. The Far East Development Corporation planned a set of works to build infrastructure – construct water, gas, power supply networks and install outdoor lighting.

Director of LLC Sayuri Dmitry Zakharov:

“Such rapid implementation of the project resulted from the well-coordinated and integrated work of the design team. Investments in the first project stage amounted to 95 million rubles, and we already created 9 jobs by key specializations – general director, chief engineer, chief agriculturist, agriculturist, vegetable grower, technical engineer and 3 gas technicians. By 2025, we will create 51 jobs with an average monthly wage of 43,746 rubles. Today, we are already reaping the first harvest of tomatoes. Other vegetables will gradually ripen during winter. We are starting with growing tomatoes, because they are more demanding to agronomic indicators and more difficult to grow as compared to cucumbers or greens. Now, we are certain we’ll be able to make it.”
Start-up: December 2016.
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