1,984 billion rubles Total investments
120 Number of jobs
TechnoNICOL Corporation is the largest manufacturer and supplier of roofing, waterproofing and thermal insulation materials in Russia and Europe.

Over 200 million of people all around the world live and work in buildings constructed with the materials manufactured by the company.

More than 6,500 people – managers, workers, technologists and engineers – work at 49 enterprises of the company.

Thanks to own training centers, the company is able to train builders on innovative technologies and specifics of using new materials.

Ongoing research and development is the cornerstone of successful development of the construction industry. TechnoNICOL’s R&D centers focus on improving properties of existing products, perfecting cutting-edge technologies and creating new materials. The company’s innovations help to create easy-to-maintain energy-efficient buildings and increase the quality of structures while reducing operating and construction costs.

The company pays special attention to environmental issues. All plants of the Corporation pass the state environmental expertise already at the engineering design stage. Production facilities evaluate internal and external environmental indicators on a daily basis. Production shops are equipped with dust and gas cleaning units and gas firing systems, which helps to minimize emissions. The company heavily invests in waste-free production systems, modern equipment and clean technologies.

Rock wool factory in Khabarovsk is the most advanced factory of this kind beyond the Urals. The factory is fitted with high-tech automated equipment designed, manufactured and installed specifically for the factory by three leading European companies.

In October 2015, the plant TechnoNICOL – Far East became one of the first residents of Khabarovsk priority development area.

The company invested 2 billion rubles in construction, spending 980 million on process equipment.

By August 2016, construction of the new rock wool factory was completed, and the first products were shipped to consumers.

In 2017, the factory will reach its full capacity of 750 thousand tons of rock wool per year.

The new factory will be able to manufacture up to 100 different heat insulation products of the new generation based on rock wool. According to the company’s preliminary calculations, its products will help to increase energy efficiency of buildings and structures in the region by up to 46% by reducing the losses of heat through enclosing structures.

Factory deployment in Khabarovsk will help to reduce the term and cost of heat insulation deliveries to the consumers in the Far Eastern Federal District, will accelerate construction of facilities and repairs of slum and dilapidated housing.

Deliveries to China, Japan and Canada are launched with plans to supply products to Korea, Mongolia and Vietnam. The company expects its export shipments to amount to an average of 20% of the total production volume in three years.

President of TechnoNICOL Corporation Sergey Kolesnikov:

“The decision to expand its production on the basis of Khabarovsk priority development area was of strategic importance for TechnoNICOL as an investor. It helped us to accelerate construction and improve project profitability. Considering benefits and preferences granted to residents, the company reduced project payback period by 3 years. It helped TechnoNICOL to reduce production costs. This means that we are able to provide Russian consumers with energy-efficient heat insulation materials at a reasonable price, and we can be more competitive on external markets – in Asia-Pacific countries in particular.”
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