1,5 billion rubles Total investments
UNION Group launches the first stage of the transport and logistics complex located in proximity to Artemovsky railway junction. The project, which focuses on the construction of a unique complex for the Primorsky Krai, will consolidate warehouses with an area of 30 thousand sq. m and a 55 thousand TEU railway container terminal in one facility. By 2019, it will turn into a hub capable of processing 1 million tons of cargo annually.

Some facilities are expected to be ready for start-up by the time the Eastern Economic Forum will be held. First of all, this includes a railway line almost 2 kilometers long, which will be ready to accept any type of rolling stock already in the first quarter. The logistics center will incorporate a 30 thousand sq. m warehousing complex, consisting of three class A warehouses 10 thousand sq. m each, and a railway container terminal, which will include connection platforms, facilities for refrigerated container storage and a customs temporary storage warehouse.

The first construction stage is completed. A 45 ton gantry crane for container handling has been ordered and is expected to be supplied and installed in September – October 2017. Immediately after its installation, the transport and logistics complex will be ready for container handling.

The transport and logistics complex will have access to the ports of Vladivostok, Nakhodka, Khasansky district, and routes to China and the central regions of Russia. Due to immediate proximity to the federal highway and the railway line, the terminal will be able to compose a whole container train within reasonable time.

The Far East Development Fund has approved financing to construct two warehouses. The company plans to finance construction of the third warehouse out of profit generated by the complex.

The law on the Free Port of Vladivostok gives a push to the regional market of transport and logistics services, and UNION Group as a resident will become a locomotive of its growth. A multimodal complex located in proximity to Artemovsky railway junction and compliant with the highest quality standards will contribute to the reduction of logistics costs and substantial increase of the region’s attractiveness in terms of transport infrastructure.

Project manager Sergey Khodov:

“We enjoy all new initiatives and preferences, which will be granted to investment projects in the Far East. Social tax benefits, reduced property and profit taxes are a great advantage for investors. Moreover, we are the first residents of the Free Port of Vladivostok to use the administrative preferences and obtain an additional land plot without a tender procedure.”

Start-up: the first stage in Q1 2017
By 2019, reinvestment of savings will turn the center in a logistics hub in the Free Port of Vladivostok, capable of processing 1 million tons of cargo per year.
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