1,5 billion rubles Total investments
240 Number of jobs
LLC Khabarovsky Pipe Works is a subsidiary of POLYPLASTIC Group created in Khabarovsk priority development area. POLYPLASTIC Group is an acknowledged leader in the manufacture of polymer pipes and engineering plastics. For over 18 years, Group enterprises have manufactured polymer pipes for utility systems of population clusters, industrial facilities and agriculture.

Production facilities of POLYPLASTIC Group include 15 factories in Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan with the annual capacity exceeding 300 thousand tons of products. The company factories employ 4,100 people.

The Group’s training unit develops the best specialized professional training and re-training programs in Russia. It is a member of the Association for Polymeric Material Welders, and a trusted partner of the National Agency of Welding Control providing training and certification of polymeric material welders.

The goal of Khabarovsk Pipe Works is to expand the Group’s production capacities in the Far Eastern Federal District. The facility became a resident of Khabarovsk priority development area on April 21, 2016.

Today, the facility is already operational, and its products passed the required certification. Facility founders hope that in 2017, it will play a leading role in supplying quality pipe products to Eastern Siberia and the Far East.

Polyethylene pressure pipes are planned to be manufactured using four production lines. Their assortment covers all standard sizes up to 800 mm in diameter and includes 315–800 mm PROTECT pipes with protective coating to be used in heavy conditions. The company also plans to manufacture spiral-welded non-pressure pipes with an internal diameter ranging between 800–2,000 mm and leak-proof polyethylene wells based on these pipes.

The facility has currently set up production of pilot batches of polymer pipes, which are in great demand on the domestic market. In 2017, the company plans to:

- continue development of the facility’s utility infrastructure;
- continue engineering and design works;
- reconstruct the power supply system, connect new lines and sections;
- create new sections dedicated to the production of wells, fittings and other non-standard articles;
- create a section to recycle production waste;
- improve working conditions, build administration and on-site facilities;
- continue development and expansion of warehousing facilities and improvement of the internal territory.
The launch of the facility in the Far East will help to make a substantial contribution in social development, creating new jobs in the region and conditions for more efficient implementation of ongoing long-term federal target programs.

General director of LLC Khabarovsky Pipe Works Miron Gorilovsky:

“The decision to create a new facility in the Far East was made due to several reasons. First, the Fast East has become one of the centers of economic activity, where major federal-level projects are implemented, which envisage creation of developed infrastructure – for example, Vostochny spaceport, development of offshore deposits in Sakhalin etc. Irkutsky Pipe Works, previously supplying pipes to the whole territory of Siberia from the Urals to the Pacific Ocean, found itself on the fringes of the new emerging region, and was unable to compete on the market due to high transportation costs. Second, the status of a priority development area resident grants substantial tax benefits to the investor. Third, this helps to significantly reduce transportation costs related to supplying raw materials to the production facilities – thanks to the opportunity to use high quality polyethylene 100 from South Korea and Thailand. All this has a beneficial effect on the cost of finished products and its competitiveness.”

Start-up: September 2016 (pilot facility)
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